PT2399 Digital Echo Delay Integrated Circuit Breadboard Experiment

Here are some new pictures from a breadboarded PT2399 circuit I have been using to experiment with.

Get yourself a PT2399 datasheet, buy your components, and start getting down with some delay!

pt2399 echo processor breadboard schematic

A nice shot of the breadboard I have been using to mess around with the PT2399!






PT2399 Power Supply Configuration

The switch, voltage regulator, power supply capacitors, and some hookup leads. This is pretty much a standard way of getting a steady regulated 5V from a higher voltage. Fun, fun!

pt2399 voltage battery supply with switch voltage regulator

Just a standard 9V Battery powers this 5V circuit. All you need is a 7805 regulator and you can start messing around with CMOS devices such as the PT2399!

PT2399 On Off Status LED

A simple LED/resistor combo to indicate when the power is ON or OFF. It’s a good setup to use to troubleshoot your circuit and avoid drained batteries.

PT2399 Power Rails

Connecting power rails on different sections of the breadboard lets you space out your design for easier testing!

PT2399 Trimpots

Trimpots are used like multiple variables in algebra. I got a good grip on how the PT2399 reacted by messing around with the controls.

PT2399 Input Output Circuitry

This is the section of the breadboard where the input and output audio are located. This could be improved…

pt2399 delay filter components op amp low pass

Another shot of the PT2399 Echo Processor Digital Delay IC. It’s fairly easy to set up!

pt2399 ic op amp filters components

The very cramped op amp filtering components can be laid out with a little bit of careful planning.

pt2399 digital out clock output pin 5

A little experiment! By messing with the Vref and the GND levels, the digital clock output (visible with an LED/resistor combo) can be slowed to a crawl. The resulting audio output gives clues on how to best utilize this chip!

pt2399 digital delay main circuit from schematic

Just a nice overhead shot of the main schematic.

pt2399 echo guitar pedal circuit trimpots

The Mix, Feedback, and Voltage Reference trim potentiometers used for tweaking the output! Cool stuff, try it out!

pt2399 trim potentiometers levels

Reference Voltage and Delay Length trimpots for experimenting.


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