DIY Audio Circuits Eagle CAD Parts Library

(Download coming soon)


Description:  Over several years of designing PCBs, I have come to learn a few things.  First off all, never trust a schematic until you’ve tried it out.  The second lesson: never trust a parts library to be accurate.   I have been burned and thrown off production schedules due to trusting component libraries that were just plain wrong.

I have been slowly accumulating a collection of components that I use on a regular basis.  It’s a good idea to keep a library of components organized for easy access.  Several components are custom made and others are mere copies from other large libraries.

My standard for addition to the parts library is proving each part through manufacture.  Once a PCB design benefits from a solid part design, it becomes a welcome addition to the parts library.

This page will have a download along with a short description of the parts included (Mouser part numbers, PCB design, etc.)

Some future additions: Mouser part numbers

If you would like to see a certain part made, send me an email.  Depending on the complexity, I can make it available for free or an affordable minimum donation.

If you like my parts library, show your appreciation by donating any amount you like.


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