Teach Yourself Electronics!

If you’re just starting out learning how to build your own circuits or modify your gear, there’s a wealth of information out on the Internet that will open up a whole world of possibilities.  How far you want to take your education is up to you; start with an in-depth tutorial or find what you need to know right now.  Below are some great Electrical Engineering resources:

  • Circuit Simulator Applet – – one of the most amazing circuit simulators you will ever come across.  It’s like having a breadboard & oscilloscope wherever you go!  I suggest messing around with this if SPICE software feels like overkill.  The visual approach to electronics is a lo

Guitar Stompbox Pedal Resources

For those of you who want to make your own unique guitar pedal effects, you’re in luck!  Pages and pages of great designs, breakdowns, reverse engineering, modifications, and more are out there.  Building guitar pedals is a fun & addicting hobby!

  • Beavis Audio Research – – Visually appealing website with interesting tutorials.  Audio engineering with a sense of humor, Beavis Audio Research is an institution of the DIY guitar pedal building community.
  • GEOFEX - –   This dude knows guitar pedals.  Approachable theory combined with detailed tutorials.   I highly recommend it.
  • – Forum –   Hang around this vibrant resource for the guitar pedal-building community and you’ll learn everything that you need to know about guitar pedals, from people who actually build them.  See the proof in projects being developed on the forum, get help with your noisy Fuzz Face from people who’ve been there, and learn as much as you need to taking your electronics skills to a new level.
  • – A bunch of well-written articles combining DIY design with rigorous engineering detail.  Read through these articles – you’ll find a wealth of information.  Oddly enough, this is the only place that I can find these articles… If you ever find any other issues, let me know!