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Just some random thoughts for a new project…

Maybe i’ll do some Arduino stuff after I get this site fleshed out!

Anyway, just going to leave these notes here:

arduino based atari junk
arduino can store the serial data that would make sound effects like a kaboom or a missle strike.
make it an arduino library!

use a 4014 for a parallel in serial out shift register - this circuit takes samples stored on the arduino.  the arduino then sends these samples out on a couple of digital lines that the 4014 loads parallel.  Once they are loaded, then the circuit puts out the loaded values serially and loads another once the last sampled bit has been processed serially.

# some obnoxious pseudocode
01 load    1101
02 serout() -> output = 1,1,0,1
03 register is cleared and load is enabled
04 get sample
05 load 0010
06 serout() -> output.total = 1,1,0,1,0,0,1,0
07 goto line(03) # I'm using a goto idgaf

New Circuit Design Tutorial – Atari Punk Junk Console

I’m cleaning out my circuit designs and posting them here!

The first of many site updates and content is a favorite circuit of mine: The Atari Punk Junk Console.   After doing some research for school, I found an awesome video that brings vintage Atari 2600 sounds to the DIY world.

While the circuit is an good approximation of the 2600 sound, I decided to fork the design posted here by adding in some modulation and adapting it for line-level.


A complete circuit that sounds a lot more like Atari than the famous Atari Junk Console!

Check out my in-depth tutorial here!  I’ll be talking about the design process and break it down so that you’ll be able to use the circuit snippets to take this circuit to another level!