AC Adapter Breakdown: What’s Going On Inside Those Wall Warts?

I have a couple of side businesses that require power supplies.  As a result, I have boxes and boxes of power supplies filling up weekly.

Have you ever wondered what’s inside?  Ever noticed a hum in your audio circuits?  Want to see what ‘Made in China’ actually means?  We’re going to crack a couple of thses open and identify what’s actually going on inside.

WARNING:  Don’t do this at home, at least not without understanding the risks and making sure to take proper electrical safety precautions.  Electric shocks are no joke – actually, they can be lethal.  Take a look at the pictures and live to see another day :-).

The following are  a bunch of pictures for one of my recent teardowns (I was curious about multiple voltage AC Adapters):

ac_adapter_multiple voltages ac_adapter_multiple_voltage_select ac_adapter_with_dremel_drilling dremel ac_adapter_wall_wart_pry_open ac_adapter_wall_wart_cord_open_with_screwdriver ac_adapter_finally_open ac_adaptor_transformer_and_pcb ac_adapter_selector_switch_transformer ac_adapter_bottom_printed_circuit_borad ac_adapter_guts_side_view ac_adapter_close_up_pcb ac_adapter_bridge_rectifier_diodes ac_adapter_no_plastic_disassembly