DIY S-Trigger Cable Tutorial: How To Make Your Own S-Trig Cables and Other Assorted Circuits

In this tutorial, we’ll be making our own S-Trig cables, which are useful for interfacing with older synthesizers made by Moog, Yamaha, and other manufacturers.  These cables are not only useful for synthesizers; many older electronics use this style of connector and you may find that you want to interface your modern gear with the older equipment (such as wire recorders).


You’ll need a couple of tools to complete this project.

We’ll use our trusty old hammer to drive the Jones connector’s retention pin into place.


Several times throughout this tutorial, we will want to make sure that our work is perfect before moving on.  This is especially necessary right before we drive the retention pin into place.  Remember, always double check your work before doing anything permanent.

 Flat Head Screwdriver

This is a typical small flat head screwdriver you can find for cheap at electronics shops in sets of 5.  We will use this to secure the clamp screws.

Wire Strippers / Box Cutter (or Xacto Knife)

These tools will be used to clip and strip the cable.  You don’t need anything fancy, just your standard tools.


Cinch Jones Connectors

Shown above are the standard Cinch Jones male (plug) and female (socket) connectors.  Cinch, the manufacturer, is a great resource for technical specs and drawings.

Disassembling these components, you can see that they are not that complicated.  The black plastic cap has two solder terminals with different sized sockets/plugs for correct insertion.  The black cylindrical hood protects the solder connection that we will make from damage.  To keep these two components together, a long screw-like retention pin will be hammered downto make the whole assembly permanent.  The T-shaped metal objects are clamps that will keep the cable from moving and the screws tighten this down. We’ll see later in this tutorial how to make a reliable plug/socket step-by-step.

If you’re looking to find where to buy these components, check out Mouser’s online catalog.  The individual price is about $3.50 each.

1/4″ Male to Male Cable

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