Radioshack Printed Circuit Boards for your next project!

While Radioshack has a fairly crappy reputation among experienced DIYers, they are slowing gaining a footing into the newer DIY scene (probably due to the growing popularity of Make Magazine and their Maker Faire, and the startup mentality infiltrating the college scene).  Radioshack now has Arduinos!  The parts cabinet that most Radioshacks typically have is no longer collecting dust and eliciting “I’ll have to check another store” from Radioshack salespeople.

However, one product line that has been there for years are the Printed Circuit Boards.  They’re great for one-off PCBS that don’t require a lot of intricate wiring and they work flawless for through-hole components (which you’ll most likely be using).

More to come on these soon enough.  I should be adding some Eagle design files so that they can be etched.  Check back soon!