Workbench Essentials! (Part 1)

If you’re missing any of these from your workbench, you’ll be creating more work… for yourself.  Take a look at our handy dandy list and see what you’re missing that could make your projects easier, more efficient, and ultimately, just plain old FUN!!!



3rd hand

Need a hand?



3rd Hand – A third hand is absolutely necessary for any serious electronics work.  Unless you have the most patient and steady partner (not likely) to assist you, you’re going to want a third hand.  Basically, they consist of two adjustable alligator clips mounted to a heavy piece of metal that free up your hands to solder and assemble.






Multiple capabilities, multiple uses!


Multimeter – If you don’t have a multimeter, then may I quote The Big Lebowski:  “You are entering a world of pain!”  Without a multimeter, you’ll find yourself doing alot of guesswork when it comes to whether an old pot still works, whether the continuity of the circuit broke down at a specific point, or what voltage your new motor modification   really is rated at.






Cleanliness is next to godliness… and your components!



Mini-Vac – There’ll come a time when you neckbeards out there need to clean up.  Resistors are cheap, solder is cheaper, and having a mini-vac will save you the hassle of stepping on a pointy component.  Pamper yourself and get a mini vac.









No, you can’t eat it, but you can certainly make some tasty circuits!

Breadboard – If you’re going to create an original circuit, you’re going to need a breadboard to prototype.  Simple as that.  Swapping parts and modifying designs is easier without solder.  Stay tuned for our article on why you can’t live without one.  And, if you’re really a pro, you’ll have a few of these babies lying around…






– No, not the contraceptive used in Seinfeld episodes.  You need a sponge to save your soldering iron tips from the carbon that tends to collect on them after heavy usage.  But, if you’ve neglected to heed our advice, there’s always our handy article on repairing soldering iron tips.







Screw the telephone: The best invention known to mankind.

Dremel – Sweet Jesus, if you don’t have a Dremel hand drill, you are failing at life.  Especially when it comes down to mounting your circuit boards in tiny crevices or routing out a new pilot hole for screws, you need a Dremel drill.  They also have an incredible assortment of attachments that can really come in handy if you’re doing something else besides working up the latest DIYaudiocircuits project (known as: a waste of time!).







Check out part 2 for more workbench essentials that you can’t afford to be missing!